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Blue diamond & adult steven

Hello we ship blue diamond x adult Steven.
People who are interested in this ship you are welcome

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This is an alternative universe shipping idea I started with Blue diamond x Stevens mainly because it. Possibly form truce between home world the reason it would would be an interesting ship. mainly because very few steven x diamond fanfics. Out there the other reason i said home world can't afford to lose another diamond.mainly due to the shattering and of disappearance of pink diamond the crystal gem's. Are simply not ready for another war they few allies have no army to combat home worlds armada which would result in deaths on both sides. I offer an alternative to war, Steven is the literal bridge between human and gem. Maybe rose new this was the only way to stop another war from happening is to give up her physical form to produce a half human half gem hybrid. Others might not like the idea?And I'm going to answer that question. Steve has healing tears & spit who say that the only thing has healing properties to it. some will bring up his age that I why am changing hi year of birth from 2001 to 1994
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blue Diamond - Steven Universe by WalkingMelonsAAA blue Diamond - Steven Universe :iconwalkingmelonsaaa:WalkingMelonsAAA 5,500 240 You Do.. -Steven's Dream- by MarowimS2 You Do.. -Steven's Dream- :iconmarowims2:MarowimS2 19 1 Blue Diamond by KeynShadow Blue Diamond :iconkeynshadow:KeynShadow 89 13
chapter five: blue diamonds choice.
~steven pov~

it was after lapis lazuli left to home world that the cluster was stop and the earth was saved.  connie was taking care of the kids, now that the danger of the cluster is gone blue diamond and her gems had been getting ready to leave the earth.

the crystal gems was uncomfortable with her from the beginning. their time together was bad as her gems was disrespecting them as blue diamond follow garnets orders.

it only make sense that they will leave, but still i wish she would stay or at least let me go with her to home world. the off collar gems that she brought seem to wanted to stay at earth.

as i walk to the barn blue diamond was getting her things to her pockets dimension as she was in her full size.

"steven." blue diamond called to me. as she walk three steps putting her open hand on the floor i got on it she raze me up to her face.

"lets go to our how the kids doing with your friend connie." she ask of me. "well as i told you connie is a bit of alien freak but quite an expert." i told her.

i was about to ask her a question till her gem came one of the blue agates. "my diamond were ready to leave." she said.

"just let me spend a few more time before i say goodbye." blue diamond said to her. "as you wish my diamond take as much time with the hybrid as you need." agate said.

"shall we go on a date?" blue diamond ask of  me. "yeah sure." i answered. it was then i simple warp to beach city as we get to the amusement park.

"what shall we start with first steven?" she ask of me as she shrunk her size. "lets star off with something easy like a prize winning game." yet odd enough i felt we was being watch by someone.

as me and blue diamond got our back turn no one was there. it must if been our imagination. as we head to the first stand get all ten ring to the bottle and win a prize today prize is a remake that of old monster movie titanzilla(the parody version of godzilla since titan are the parents of gods)

"lets both try to win it" the prize score is fifty but to be honest the highest i can go is one and that is with mistake. but blue was confident to win as she pick up the ring and rickashay it from wall to wall scoring five with no mistake.

i give the rickashaying a shot and i score ten one turn at  a time we throw them like dagger till eventually we score a perfect fifty.

"whoa." harold respond with that we won the 1080hd blue ray copy. "of steven we should ride that." she point at a new roller coaster ride as we go in the ride for me was thrilling 100 tall and 300 meter wide as well as frighting and fast.

loop de loop spiral and all that was scary but fun. to love boats and prize winning it was enjoyable.

she spending every of her last moment with me and now she going to she spend her last day through beach city crab shack as we finally order and then eat  she actually enjoy the food as she smiles at me.

the day was finally sun set as it was now time "steven i had fun with you as i will remember this day and the time we share will be cherish." the crystal gems look came as well our kids from the future.

even connie as well the gems of blue diamond was waiting for her. as she then turn to them. "well my gems i guess this goodbye."

out of that we were shock, I was shock to hear her said that to her gems even her gems were surprised.

"my diamond what are you talking about your coming with us." the agate said. "no i am not as of this day i am one of the crystal gems and garnet is now my superior." blue diamond said. "why after all they done to us after what rose did to pink diamond-"

"don't you dare say such things to me after all i been through all i done i will never be part of that yellow coward and that white glitch order ever again!"   blue barked. "not since what after the horrid things they did."

blue diamond said. she acted like she been betrayed by the ones she mention. "blue are you sure about this." i ask of her.

"yes more then ever steven, come on we have kids for crying out loud!" blue diamond answered. she was more certain of her choice then ever. and i was more happy that she did made this.

"so you can either live me and tell them i stay in earth called me a traitor or defected but know this i will fight to protect all life, i will right the wrong i have so committed this as and other worlds i will fight for the freedom of all life including gems to be treated equally."

from blue diamond words was moving yet they felt confuse of why would blue wanted to join us is because of me.

"okay if he the reason of  your choice my diamond then i guess this is goodbye we wont tell anyone of this well promise." and like they left us as blue went to garnet.

"blue... that was uh.. i am...." "we sorry.." amethyst responded "amethyst!" pearl shrieked in shock. "well its what i am thinking."

"you gave up your entire authority for me." i responded. "not just for you but for our future together."

"my diamond." we turn and saw blue diamond pearl standing right behind her. "i shall stay with you for this choice you made." she told us.

"alright but as of now you are your own gem" blue diamond told her. it was this very day that now adjustment was need for the change and choice that was made today.


hey guys hope you like this new chapter today its been a while i type one of these but guess its back now.
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Hello my friends I'm introducing a new ship called blue diamondxsteven and before you ask about the age problem I've solved that were he will be born August 15 1994 to 2014 were he would be 20

or his state of mind change to an adult when he is feeling mature and is stop treated like a kid by his father and the crystal gems depending on how he feel or how you feel about it
as to the reason why this guy raid one of my storys called diamond love the original being the pairing of this groups name he found me on as well as other fan fiction of this pairing. so in other words i am saying is make your own steven universe x bluediamondstory if you dont like the pairing then you dont have to join this group even if you like you and dont want to join then you can be a watcher and see the progress of it. in other then that word you can go nuts on this

the reason why the pairing: the reason why i made this pairing is because there was none at wattpad at first so i made one and thus it gotten 1.6k veiws from five pages of the original diamond love why the dragon maid parody gotten 608 veiws so yeah its popular but not that much. so go ahead herere the link to one of them enjoyed

in htis new link is a group called diamon love group hope you guy will join it soon.…



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